Customers’ Opinions

During his professional career, Sergio López Ejarque has counselled hundreds of clients of different sizes and from different professional sectors (natural persons, building companies, automobile companies, large multinationals, foreign investment funds, banks, small businesses). They all have in common the fact of being extremely satisfied with the legal counselling and personal implication they have received from Sergio and his team.

All the above has allowed him to establish close personal relationships based on the trust of many of these clients, who have put their faith in the legal advice they have received from Sergio through Ejarque Abogados.

Sergio López Ejarque is a professional who earned a solid reputation in terms of self-demand and professionalism from
a young age. He has always been eager to learn, improve and continue his studies. During the years he was under my charge,
he maintained excellent relations with the whole team and with customers, who always regarded him as a professional who was totally committed to solving their problems.


We have excellent memories of Sergio as an external lawyer who collaborated with our legal counsel department. He has always shown the highest degree of commitment, rigour and professionalism towards us. He took great care in preparing all the litigations and business we entrusted to him and always gave us the best advice. He adopted a “pro-active” attitude in informing us about the progress of the proceedings and considered our problems as his own. We always regarded him as an in-house lawyer.


I am extremely satisfied with the legal advice provided by EJARQUE ABOGADOS. They study each query in depth and all their responses are based on sound reasoning, both legally and from the perspective of common sense. They prepare all their cases thoroughly and in all cases with the best results for us, based on our experience in working with them.


Our experience with EJARQUE ABOGADOS was extremely positive. They are highly professional and fully committed to all the matters they are entrusted with. In our particular case, we managed to recover a large debt which had been blocked during a lengthy, sterile court proceeding in just a few weeks. Their intervention gave the matter a new focus and they designed a strategy for recovering the debt which was completely successful.


They are excellent lawyers, with a standard of quality and commitment to their work that is comparable to that of major law firms. In particular, we would like to mention their swift response and the way they monitor all their legal cases, and the appropriateness of their strategy, in addition to their excellent work in delinquency management.